LED Light Assisted Hydroponic System

URANUS LED has been developing light sources for horticulture for many years and continues to invest heavily in horticultural lighting. In R&D for Lamps, Lighting Electronics and LED, a team of engineers works full-time to improve existing lamp and gear concepts and to develop new lighting systems for horticultural lighting. Specialists such as plant physiologists and technical engineers have been trained in the key horticultural countries to provide full support to growers and breeders.

A URANUS light recipe is an instruction based on knowledge of how to use light to grow a certain crop under certain conditions. A light recipe indicates:

Lighting aspects: light level, spectrum, required uniformity, position and time.

Parameters for which the recipe is valid, e.g. climate conditions.

Expected results besides energy saving Horticulture Lighting Light recipes Chounbuk National.

Proprietary Design in multi spectrum growth light

State of art high quality dies and moulds for lighting as well as water ways.

Proprietary Design Control Panels And Operation

Proprietary micro nutrition formulation and fertilizers



Floriculture (Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials)

• Provides safe and reliable supplement or replacement to natural light
• Improves the plant quality and uniformity
• Adjustable and controllable photoperiod to control the vegetative and
reproductive growth of plants
• Fully utilizes greenhouse space and the production transportation line
• Effective heat management


Propagation (Tissue culture and seedlings, cuttings & young plants)

• Due to high luminous efficiency, high-power fluorescent lamps can be replaced
• Maintains uniformity of illumination and reduces distance between layers
• Light recipe achieves higher quality to fulfill plant growth needs
• Improves high-quality seeding rate and shortens the production cycle
• Effective heat management, saves on air conditioning costs and extends the
service life of the electrical system

City Farming

City Farming (Leafy vegetables & soft fruits)

• With high and stable yields, reduces production costs and continuously
stabilizes supply
• Improves quality, nutrient content and flavor
• Shortens delivery time and provides fresh vegetables from a local supply
• Improves land use rate and increases the yield per unit area by multilayer
• Energy savings

Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables & Fruit (high wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs)

• High wire vegetable production (cucumber and tomato) with interlighting
• Effectively complements natural light with a spectrum and light intensity
combination designed to promote plant growth
• Stabilizes and improves plant quality and yield, enabling growers to increase
their profits
• The scientifically designed illumination angle and light position allow plants
to make maximum use of the light
• Interlighting among vegetables and flowers, by utilizing the low-heat
characteristic of LED, to increase production
• Efficient use of energy can effectively reduce the electrical system load and
energy costs and many more applications.