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Basil Cinnamon (Per 25gms)

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Cinnamon basil,has a spicy, fragrant aroma and flavor. Cinnamon basil, botanically known as Ocimum basilicum, is also commonly known as Mexican basil.

Cinnamon basil hosts vitamins A and C in low quantities but provides a large dose of vitamin K. Cinnamon basil has small amounts of folate and iron, all similar to standard sweet basil, but with the added compound cinnamate which is exclusive to Cinnamon basil.

Cinnamon basil is found primarily as a table garnish and savory element to raw dishes, soups, hot drinks and infused oils. Can be used as an alternative to ground, dried cinnamon. Puree Cinnamon basil with garlic and olive oil for pesto and use to top fresh pasta.

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