Our Mission Statement

To ensure democratization of growth light assisted hydroponics systems and penetration for a mass movement in Urban Farming.

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VeggiTech is globally the only fully in house system technology available in the hydroponics & grow light assisted hydroponics market.

What We Do

Transforming traditional farms into Protected Hydroponics farms that grow


Growing plants grow media (perlite, cocopeat), with added nutrients and without soil, hence pesticide free produce.

Hydroponics Principles

75% reduction of water usage compared to open farming on proven & robust science & technology.

Temperature Controlled

Controlled Ambient Environment of Humidity & Temperature assures maximum growth and best quality.

Creating Indoor Vertical Farms with Grow Lights assisted Hydroponics

Faster Harvest Cycles

3X Times the harvest cycle in the same time period, hence 25 Days only instead of 75 days in the field in conventional agriculture.

95% Less Water and Fertilizers

95% Reduction of Water usage compared to open farming, hence Optimized use of Fertilizers & Nutrients.

Effective Space to Yield ratio

100 Sq meter grow area can produce as much as 1 acre farm, providing maximum return on investment.

Build and Operate model provides complete peace of mind to the Investor


Complete Administration and Management of the Smart Farm.
• Installation Management (Technology, Hardware & Software)
• Seed Procurement (complete supply chain)
• Personnel to administer and manage the Smart farm onsite